Monday, February 10, 2014 for Actors and Artists

Hi guys!! Today I want to tell you about a cool website where actors and artists can share their passion and talents with their peers AND get a chance to win great prizes; A very talented actor friend of mine, John Henry Soto, discovered their site recently and he has since become one of their spokesmodels, or stars. And now, I want to share as well. This site isn't only for actors, but for other artists as well. I have seen challenges for chefs, rock stars, comedians, improv artists, filmmakers, and several others. I highly recommend you check them out and check often. They are always posting new challenges. That being said, I entered my first contest this past weekend and my video was accepted!!! There will be cash prizes for the three videos with the most votes, but the most exciting part is that each video will also be viewed by a top Hollywood casting director. She will also choose a winner. For me, the opportunity was too great to pass up whether win or lose. My work will be seen by a  casting director!!! That's enough for me and who knows what will happen.
So I am asking please for your votes and support. It's easy to sign up/in and you can vote once a day till next Monday. Thank you greatly in advance. And  don't forget to check out their stars and their current challenges. Thank you!!!

my first video for