Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hit Me Baby One More Time

On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week I will be acting in my second true crime docudrama. This one will be aired on A&E Biography and I am playing Jamie, a woman who kills her best friend. I'm so excited!!! (Why is it these roles are so much fun?) I am particularly happy about being cast in this role because I had to audition for casting director Kevin Kuffa who does casting for Law and Order among other things. He is definitely the most well-known CD I have auditioned for thus far. So for me getting this part is pretty major. In an industry where relationships are so important, I feel like at least my pinky toe is in the door. (Maybe half-way at that:))

This job, along with the fact that my film "Acedia" will be playing in select USA theaters later this month, makes me euphorically happy.

Acting really is like a drug. Right now, I am feeling so high and so happy that I can't even fully explain it. This feeling that not only are doing what you love, but you are starting to consistently get paid for it as well is overwhelming in a great way. It feels like you are dreaming almost. Even though you work so hard for something it is still feels unbelievable when you achieve it.

Believe me, after wrapping on Thursday I will allready be fiending for the next "hit." I imagine that the emotional highs vs lows roller coaster must get more drastic the further up the ladder you get. The higher up you reach, the steeper and further the fall when you feel you are in an actor's slump or when a seemingly awesome career boosting opportunity falls through. And I have quite a ways to go yet. Am I ready for it emotionally? I think so. I mean, as happy as acting makes me, I will always strive to never place it before my beliefs, my marriage, or my family. So, yeah, I think I'm ready for this crazy lifestyle. Really only God knows. Luckily, I trust in Him enough to carry me through each step of the way.

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