Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One of My Scenes from Joe Ciminera's Acedia

One of my favorite roles I got to play last year was in Joe Ciminera's Acedia. In this film I play the mother of a possessed girl who is about to undergo an exorcism. My character speaks French and I had sooooo much fun learning the language for this part. I was so excited for the opportunity and spent the weeks prior to filming obsessing over learning French, not just my lines but as much of the language as I could. Alas, my intentions to continue learning to speak French after filming have died down as it is very hard for me to focus on something like that unless I need to use it in the near future. But I'm awfully glad that I now know the correct way to say some things and I know I will be able to learn it pretty well the next time I need to. (Like if I hopefully one day get to go to Paris!) Also, I should be able to make a pretty cool reel clip from the scene. Here is the link to the scene below. Merci de votre fidelite!!

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