Sunday, March 31, 2013

On the Upside of Acting Things....

I'm not gonna lie. Things in the acting world have been slow for me lately. Extremely slow. Unbearably slow. And it baffles me that of the many, many, many, submissions I have sent out over the past couple months, I haven't been asked to any auditions.

But even still, things are looking up. This past week proved to be fairly productive and I'm feeling my passion for acting being revved up. It really is amazing how seemingly small projects can get you excited about what you do.

First of all, the decision to go part time at my survival job so far has been a great one. I feel so much less stressed and I feel more like an actor now-not just a retail associate. And when I am at work, I actually enjoy it once again. Like, I love doing makeup and getting sales, and getting my Starbucks before starting my shift. I haven't felt that way about my day job in a long time. I actually feel healthier too because I don't have as much stress now. Yes, I will have to cut back on things financially but as long as I can pay my bills, feed my cat, and eat, I'm good. I feel it's best to live simply anyways. (I will be sure to treat myself to something fashionable once in a while of course.) But people can work so hard to make money and then one day have to spend it anyways on stress related health problems. I guess it comes down to what is best for you and your family and I do understand that not everyone is able to make the choice to work less hours.

Okay, back to this past week. I had a successful meeting with a very talented film director about possibly working in his upcoming feature. He is gathering a pool of talent and to start with he will direct and film me performing a couple of monologues which he has chosen. The videos are professionally done and afterwards are edited and placed online on his website. You guys don't even know how much this excites me. Now I have two awesome new monologues to work on the next couple of weeks, I have made a valuable new connection which will potentially lead to bigger things with this director, and this will also give me some added exposure. Sounds like a blessing to me.

I also feel very happy that I connected with the Community College Comedians about possibly doing an upcoming sketch with them. Everyone should definitely check them out. They are awesome!! Their comedy sketches are genuinely funny, original, professional, and refreshingly wholesome. It's hard to find all of those things nowadays. I totally respect and love what they do and am always happy to work with them.

And FINALLY I started editing my latest reel. That will be up soon. While going through footage, I realized I actually have a lot of good stuff to choose from. I realized too that instead of complaining about how slow things are for me right now, I should thank my Lord above for every single one of those opportunities. Sometimes, I get so focused on booking the next role, that I forget to be grateful for the ones I've already done.

Oooohh and one more thing....the episode I did of "I Killed My BFF" will air Monday April 1 on A&E Biography. That definitely encourages me to press forward and reminds me of how far I've come. And the preview looks so cool!!:)

So everything does seem to be looking up. All I, or you, can do is hang in there. Things always turn around if you are consistent and have faith. And you never know where an opportunity can come from so always keep your eyes and ears open. Also keep in mind that even though something may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, you never know where it could lead, or how it could strengthen you. So don't be too quick to overlook any offer even if you feel like you are too far ahead in your career to consider it. When things are slow, I don't think you can afford to anyways. But that's just me. :)

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