Sunday, December 29, 2013

My 2013 Report Card: Did I Do What I Said I Would...

Well, umm, kinda. As I was reading over my my 2013 goals and plans post, I realized I did do a lot of the things I set out to do but not 100%. Here's the rundown:

Plan #1- Choose quality when it comes to my materials. I think I stuck to this one pretty well. I chose a photographer I really wanted to work with and then had my prints done at a more reputable company than the one I had previously used. Also, recently I discovered a new company--through networking--to order my business cards from. It's called They are more pricey than Vistaprint but from what I've seen, I think they will be gorgeous!! (Will post pics when I get them!) Also, I am getting professional slate shots done next week for my Actors Access account, whereas normally I would just get my husband to shoot something on the good ole iPhone 5. I'm super proud of myself for that one.  

Plan #2- To use social media more. I tried. I really did. I just find it difficult to post when tired or busy. Then there are times when I'm afraid people don't really care so I just stay quiet. I give myself a C(-) for this one. I will be better next year though. Promise. 

Plan #3- To work on my craft more between gigs and classes. I don't think I did this as much as I could. Luckily, despite a couple of slow periods, I usually did have something to work on though. So I was, for the most part, constantly practicing and rehearsing. Still, I need work to my monologues more definitely. 

Plan #4- To eat healthier, work out more, and always be in style. Ummm, don't think I did this one. I'm still trying to lose 10lbs so there is the evidence. Lol. Again, it's on next year's list. I'm always pretty conscience about what I wear though. Again, unless I'm tired and have been working and my feet hurt or I'm just running out to get coffee in the morning. So that part is neither here not there I guess. 

Plan #5- To go from a full-time position to a part-time position at my survival job. Well, that one I can say I did 100% and it's been blissful. And the cool thing is that when I don't have any acting going on I can pick up shifts. Like during the holidays for instance. 

Aside from these plans, I also mentioned three goals that I would have liked to accomplish. They were as follows:

Goal #1- Book a national or regional commercial. 
Goal #2- Get a commercial agent. 
Goal #3- Book a SAG indie film. 

Well....the thing is that I worked in several indie films this year and kinda forgot about the commercial thing. Not really forgot, but lost focus on. So I didn't reach goal 1 or 2. However, I did book a SAG indie film. It was a short and not a feature but I'll take it. 

So I did okay as far as what I had planned goes. But thank The Lord for another year coming. Lol. Overall though, I did have a very good year and I will be writing my year in review post soon. I do think I "truly embraced being an actress" this past year. I'm much more open about my work. This career is in my bones. I feel it deep down. I am an actress. It is my lifestyle.

I will also be posting my plans/goals for 2014. So you should be hearing from me quite often during the next couple weeks. Thanks for reading guys! As always, feel free to comment and share links to your blogs or work!

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