Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The End of 2013 aka Crunch Time

There are only a few days left in 2013 and I am not letting it go with out a fight. With nothing really going on in the acting world right now, I have been using these couple of weeks to make sure I have a great start in 2014. First of all, that means picking up extra hours at work. I want to join SAG next year and I want to take more classes so that means I need the extra money. I'm also taking advantage of all the holiday sales on actor services. Actors Access is giving 50% off media uploads so I added some new footage. NYCastings is also giving a discount on reel services so I have booked an appointment to get a couple of slate shots done for my Actors Access account (kind of ironic right?). I have just ordered new business cards and last week I took an agent meeting class at CnC Studios. I'm also already signed up for a three week acting class in February with casting director Brette Goldstein. So you see, I am going out with a bang!

That doesn't mean I'm not enjoying the holidays though! I am! And we all should find some time to relax and enjoy our loved ones. But I just want to make sure I am more than ready for 2014. Because it's gonna be a ground breaking kind of a year. ;-) 

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